Can dogs eat…?

Can dogs eat...

Understanding what your dog can and can't eat is important. Your dog getting into some foods can be messy (you know what I mean) or even dangerous for your favorite little best friend. 

The internet is full of people asking "can dogs eat cantaloupe?", "can dogs eat asparagus?" or "can dogs eat zucchini?" so we thought we would bring these questions all together to try and give you a single place that you can go to find the answer to these questions.

As your dog won't be able to verbally tell you how it is feeling, it's best to take introducing a dog to a new ingredient slowly. The last thing you want is to try feeding them something nutritious to find that it doesn't agree with them, resulting in them throwing up 10 minutes before your in-laws come round... Not fun...

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Can dogs consume alcohol?

Apparently this is actually a question that some people need the answer to. No, you should not be feeding your dog alcohol. Alcohol can be very bad for your dog and there is no good reason to be giving your dog alcohol.

Can dogs eat almonds?

Almonds should be avoided by your dog, especially salted ones. If they're not properly chewed, which we all know dogs aren't good at, they can be dangerous to the throat. Salted almonds will increase water retention in your dog.

Can dogs eat apples?


Apples are a great treat for your dog. It provides your dog with a source of vitamins A and C as well as fiber. 

You should not let your dog eat the apple seeds as they contain cyanide. Just like with humans eating the occasional one or two seeds shouldn't be a problem, it's just not something you should be doing regularly. 

Can dogs eat apricot?


Apricots are fine for your dog to eat. It is important not to let them eat the seeds though as they contain poison, not much but why risk it.

Can dogs eat Asian pears?


Asian pears, also known as apple pears, Korean pears and sand pears are fine for your dog to eat once you remove the pit.

Can dogs eat asparagus?


Asparagus is not poisonous and can be eaten by your dog.

You should look to chop the asparagus up to prevent your dog trying to swallow the whole thing and choking. Another approach is to boil or steam the asparagus to make it easier for them to consume.

Can dogs eat avocados?

Avocados are poisonous for dogs as they contain Persin, which can cause diarrhea and vomiting.

Can dogs eat bananas?


Your dog can enjoy bananas if they'd like. It's a great option for freezing and giving as a treat during summer.

Can dogs eat beef stew?


Beef stew can be a great option for your dog and something that you can prep in advance.

It is worth keeping an eye on the ingredients that you are using to make sure you are not including anything that would be bad for them.

Can dogs eat blackberries?


Blackberries can be eaten by your dog.

They're also a great summer treat if you freeze them.

Can dogs eat bones?


You can absolutely give your dog raw bones for them to chew on.

However, you should never give your dog cooked bones. These are likely to splinter and cause problems for your dog.

Can dogs eat broccoli?


Broccoli is another vegetable that your dog can happily eat. It's worth ensuring that they are given small, cooked bits to make it easier for them to eat.

Can dogs eat cantaloupe?


Dogs can eat cantaloupe but you should ensure that  you remove the seeds as they contain small amounts of poison, not a huge amount but you wouldn't want to risk it.

This is a great choice to freeze and give to your dog in summer.

Can dogs eat chayote?


Chayote is a type of squash, which is fine to give to your dog just make sure to remove the seeds. 

Can dogs eat cheese?


Your dog can eat a small amount of cheese, unless they're lactose intolerant. They're high in fat so may not be a great choice if your dog struggles with its weight.

Can dogs eat chickpeas?


Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans are safe for your dog to eat.

Make sure that if you're giving them chickpeas from some form of mix that it doesn't have garlic or onions in it as they are poisonous for your dog.

Can dogs eat chives?

Chives are part of the Allium family and are toxic to dogs. 

If your dog does eat chives the symptoms can be delayed so keep an eye on them for a few days after you think they may have eaten them.

Can dogs eat chocolate?

This is a definite no. This can result in vomiting, diarrhea.

The darker the chocolate the worse it is going to be for your dog, but keep them away from it nevertheless.

Can dogs eat churros?

Churros are typically quite high in sugar and fat, which is not great for them and in large quantities can lead to pancreatitis. This isn't a hard no for Churros but it isn't recommended, especially in large quantities.

Can dogs eat cinnamon?

Cinnamon can irritate the inside of your dogs mouth. It isn't actually toxic but you shouldn't be doing something that would be uncomfortable for your dog.

Can dogs eat coconut?


You can feel your dog pieces of coconut. It is supposed to be able to help with dogs bad breath and some have also claimed that it can be beneficial for skin conditions. 

You shouldn't give your dog the coconut husk though, just the actual fruit part of it.

Can dogs eat coffee?

While coffee and caffeine is regularly a good thing as a pick me up for humans it is not a great idea for dogs and should be avoided. 

Can dogs eat cranberries?


While raisins are off the menu for your dog, cranberries are fine for your dog in small quantities. They are high in vitamin C, potassium and fiber.

Cranberries are also supposed to be useful for combating urinary tract infections in your dog.

Can dogs eat creamed corn?

Creamed corn is not something that is going to be great for your dog. It tends to have a lot of preservatives, seasonings (some of which can be toxic to your dog) and tends to be high in salt to help it keep fresh. 

Can dogs eat custard?


Custard tends to be high in lactos, which a lot of dogs struggle to digest. It is therefore good to avoid. Custards tend to also be high in fats and sugars, which are not great for your dog.

Can dogs eat dates?


Dates are a great choice for your dog, just make sure to remove any seeds. Dates are high in vitamin A,C and multiple vitamin Bs. They also have a lot of fiber so make sure you give them to your dog sparingly.

Can dogs eat dragon fruit?


In small quantities dragon fruit is fine for your dog to eat.

Can dogs eat eggs?