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Video conference

How to Work From Home With Pets

Working from home with pets is a challenge for everyone: the employee who tries to remain professional under all circumstances, the employer who hopes productivity will not change, and the pets who suffer from neglect. The pandemic has brought this issue to the forefront as the world is now embracing online services and contactless interaction.

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Dog bike trailer

How to Train Your Dog to Ride in a Bike Trailer

If you love biking and you have a canine companion at home, having your dog accompany you on your cycling journey is definitely one of the most wonderful things to do. Dogs definitely adore the fresh strong winds and the outdoors. And because they love physical activities, they are unable to stop walking, jumping, playing,

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Elderly dog

7 Tips for Caring for an Older Dog

A dog is for life, not just for Christmas.  Anyone who’s had the joy of welcoming a puppy into their family will know the pure joy these animals can bring. But even if your dog will always be your fur-baby, they don’t remain puppies forever! And, just like humans, your dog’s requirements can change with

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Pet Gear NO-ZIP Double Pet Stroller

Best off-road dog stroller

Getting your dog on a walk might be difficult for many reasons. Maybe they are old, and they are no longer able to handle the long walks they used to enjoy. Or perhaps they have just had surgery, and the vet advised complete rest. Whatever the problem might be, your dog is likely to still

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ibiyaya 2-in-1 Pet Stroller

Best dog stroller for hiking

A Pet stroller can be essential when you love to hike with your dog. It can help you keep your dog closer to you. Also, if your dog is too old, too young, or has just gone through a surgery, then hiking might be challenging for it. But with a stroller, your baby can enjoy

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