9 Things You Must Know Before Buying A German Shepherd

German Shepherd with puppy
German Shepherd running in garden

Buying  A German Shepherd Dog? Read These Points

Are you interested in bringing a German Shepherd home? If yes then before proceeding towards buying a German Shepherd there are certain things that you must know. There is no doubt it is a lovely breed. German Shepherds are known as service or working dogs. They are a highly intelligent and excellent companion. Also, they are built for action and have a lot of energy. They need daily exercise so boredom may result in some unexpected behavioral changes. There is a lot to this furry dog with brown eyes that you will come to know after reading the complete article.

German Shepherd with baby

There should be enough space for the breed

Space is one requirement that almost all dogs have. The important thing to note over here is that German Shepherd dog would need more space as it is a large breed. If you are going to keep them in confined spaces that they will eventually develop aggressive behavior. 

They will have to move, run, or exercise so there should be enough space for them. If you are buying a German Shepherd puppy then understand that it is going to be a grown-up big.

German Shepherd puppies in basket

The long-haired German Shepherd puppies have a really thick tail. While they will move around in your house they won’t take care of the thing nearby. Keep the fragile items at your home at a certain height that is not reachable by the dog.

Another issue that people usually face is that dogs have the habit of chewing things. Beware if you have dolls or soft toys at your home as they will be an easy target for the German Shepherd dog. If there will be enough space then the dog will be free to roam around and their minds can be diverted to playing.

German Shepherds are a bit rough

By rough we do not mean that their bodies are rough. It means their nature or temperament. The time you will look at them you will yourself feel how intense they are. In other breeds like that of a Labrador retriever, you may find a bit gentle behavior. 

German Shepherd jumping fence

We are not frightening you by saying that the dog is rough. Don’t be surprised if the dog goes for the throat while playing. Still, we would suggest that you train them well and give them breaks in between to stop them from getting over excited.

They are called Land Sharks

This is an important point to consider if you are planning to buy a German Shepherd. The German Shepherd dog puppies bite or nip anything that comes their way. We know that this breed is the result of cross-breeding multiple breeds hence it comes from one of those hereditary breeds. It might be annoying for multiple people out there. So if playful biting is not an issue for you then you can definitely opt for this breed.

German Shepherd chewing bones

German Shepherd may or may not be affordable for you

If you have the misconception that you will get German Shepherd puppies for free then blow it right away. Even the rescue groups do not offer this service. One thing we can assure is that the German Shepherd price will be low if you buy them from rescue teams. 

German Shepherd puppy in basket

If you go to buy it from reputable German Shepherd breeders then it will cost you high. It would range between $550 and $1200. This price is not for the trained adult ones as they cost much higher. So before going to a breeder make sure you have the sufficient amount to spend on the dog.

Here, we have only discussed the buying German Shepherd price. A dog needs other things like food, crate, bowls, and more. These daily lifestyle requirements will add to their cost. So make sure you have a certain section of your salary that you are ready to spend on the German Shepherd dog.

They need your time

Do you have time for the dog? This is one of the questions to ask when buying a German Shepherd puppy. A dog is not a toy that you can play with for some days then store it in a corner. He is going to live with you all the time. If you cannot take out time for him then make some arrangements. Ask your family members or friends to stay with him while you are out for work.

Cute German Shepherd needs time

We understand that sometimes even family members or friends do not agree to keep dogs. In such cases, the alternative would be to go for a dog walker. They will take care of your dog or take him for a walk. You have to ensure that the dog won’t be alone for long hours only then you must consider buying a German Shepherd.

Make sure you are buying a healthy dog

If you want to know what to look for when buying a German Shepherd puppy then this is an important consideration. The dog you are going to buy must be energetic and alert. 

If the dog appears skinny then there is a possibility that it is going through a health problem. If you cannot analyze it by looking at the dog then ask the breeder. Get as much information as possible about the dog and his parents or litter. This will give you a more clear idea about the dog’s health.

German Shepherd happy on beach

The German Shepherd dog breed is known for its health issues. After buying the dog it may suffer from a minor allergy to serious health issue. In fact, the breed is also known for its predisposed nature to quite a few diseases. So you will have to find a good vet that can examine your dog beforehand so that the necessary precautions can be taken. If the vet specializes in German Shepherd breed then it’s a plus point.

German Shepherds need training and exercise

German Shepherd doesn’t belong to the breed that loves lying on the couch all the time. They are large in size and activities. If they get bored then it will be a problem for you. Before investing a high amount in buying a German Shepherd do keep this in mind. These dogs are even used as police dogs so you can understand that you can train them well to act as required.

German Shepherd playing with ball

Exercise doesn’t mean only physical wellness. They need mental stimulation too. Give them obedience classes or involve them in some sort of dog sport. These exercises are not only helpful for the dog but even you can build up a strong relationship with him. You will get to know more about its behavior.

Go through your lifestyle and check if the dog fits in it or not

We live a totally different lifestyle and with a dog at home, it would change a bit. You have to be ready for these changes. Also, your lifestyle should be such that it can adopt the dog well. If you travel a lot then this dog is not for you. Also, if you are more into staying outdoor or you are suffering from some sort of allergy then it could be a problem for you.

German Shepherd loves baby

Another important thing that matters is whether your family has young children. If the children are of the age less than five then it won’t be easy to handle the dog. Be practical and consider these facts before moving forward to buying a German Shepherd.

German Shepherd sheds a lot of hair

Shedding is a problem that is seen in all the dogs. It is a sort of natural phenomenon where the dog sheds old hair giving space to the growth of new hair. German Shepherd is often termed as “German Shedders” owing to the fact that they shed a lot. 

Black German Shepherd hair shedding

You might know that the dog has a double coat of fur so it will automatically mean more shedding of hair. So you can keep the dog restricted to a certain area so that it is easy to clean. Also, make sure that there is a vacuum cleaner at your home so that the first task you do in the morning is to get rid of that hair from your home.

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Interesting Facts About German Shepherd

Max Von Stephanitz is known for standardizing the German Shepherd breed. That’s why he is even called the father of the German Shepherd Dog Breed.

German Shepherd dog is the second most registered dog in the US. You might be wondering why is it so. The reason is that this breed is amongst the most versatile breeds. You can keep the dog as a family pet dog or use it as a service dog in police and military. It has multiple factors to be everyone’s favorite.

German Shepherd cute

This breed is even popular in movies. There are some of the dogs like Rin-Tin-Tin and Strongheart that are one of the canine stars. So not only humans but German Shepherd dogs are also amongst popular stars in Hollywood.

In 1929 a dog school was founded with the name “The Seeing Eye”. This school was built to train dogs on guiding blind people. It was founded by Mrs. Harrison Eustis.

There are multiple stories about the heroism of this dog. There was a dog named buddy whose owner’s life was at risk. His workshop was set on fire. So the ran away for help. Buddy tried to grab the attention of the people around and finally, a police officer noticed him and followed him to the house. This way the dog saved his owner’s life

People Also Ask

How to train a German Shepherd puppy not to bite?

The dogs have the habit of chewing and biting. If you want to stop the puppy from biting you then there are different ways for it. The first one is to use voice commands or body language to strictly warn the dog that it is not acceptable. You can say the terms “no” or “stop” in a loud volume. 

Another method could be to move away from the dog the moment he bites. Stop playing with the dog for a while so that he realizes that he did something wrong. Another highly German Shepherd puppy training method is to irritate the dog a bit. Here, you will put your thumb under its tongue and your fingers just below the chin. This needs to be done the moment he bites you. Repeat this for two to three days. Soon the dog will realize that biting you is not good for him and he will stop it.

What are your most important tips for the first time German Shepherd puppy owner?

The first and foremost thing that you must do is to keep your valuable stuff far away from the dog. If the dog gets attracted to any of those things then he will start chewing it. Another thing is to spend some time playing with him and take him out for exercise or socializing. 

German Shepherd playing with rope

It will make it easy for the dog to adjust to your home. Give him the best dog food to eat so that he stays healthy and in a happy mood. German Shepherd is an intelligent breed so he will understand your effort. Try to research and find more and more things about the dog.

What is the best age to buy a German Shepherd?

We believe the ideal age of the German Shepherd puppy to bring home is two to three months. For about one to two months the puppy will need mother’s milk so it is important that he gets all the nutrition. After two to three months you can bring the puppy home but we will advise you to keep it at the breeder’s place some time and provide high quality for him to feed on. This is because you can visit him often so that he gets to know you and the puppies are difficult to handle initially.

Will a German Shepherd attack its owner?

German Shepherd is not of those dogs which attack its owner. If you are the owner of the dog then you will treat him well so there is no reason with the dog for such behavior. However, we cannot deny that there are certain circumstances that may result in this sort of behavior. 

If the dog owner trains him in an abusive manner or encourages him to bite strangers then he will definitely do that. In such cases, if the dog runs away from the owner then he will be harmful to the local people too. If there is anyone around you who is practicing this abusive manner then immediately take action against him.

Are German Shepherd good family pets?

Yes, German Shepherd is an ideal family dog. The personality of the dog is such that it will easily get along with you. You can even train them well so that other then pets they can work as guard dogs for you. Due to their trainable characteristics, they are largely used as police dogs. Buying a German Shepherd puppy would be a great decision. The dog will get to know you from an early age so it will be easy for you to form a strong bond with him.


German Shepherd is not difficult to handle as it seems. A lot of people have a negative perception of this dog and get frightened just by looking at him. You should give him one chance to communicate with you. It is normal for any dog to require your time and initially it would take a lot of patience to train the dog the way you want. You have to continuously try and make him happy. The easiest way by which you can comfort the dog could be through the use of dog strollers. They will be like a nice ride to him and give them rest when they don’t want to walk around. We would highly encourage you to buy one if you visit public places.

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